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Nicks met Buckingham at a high school party, where he was singing " California Dreaming " by the Mamas and the Papas. Nicks joined in with perfect harmony, then they introduced themselves. They didn't see each other again until college, where they started a relationship and started a duo called Buckingham Nicks. They barely got by with the income from Nicks' work as a waitress and cleaning lady. They could not afford a bed frame, so they slept on a single mattress, directly on the floor. Nicks says the mattress was decorated in lace, with a vase and a flower at its side.

Whenever she feels her famous life getting to her, she goes "back to her roots," and takes her mattress off the frame and puts it "back to the floor" and decorates it with "some lace, and paper flowers. Some speculate the rest of this song is directed at Buckingham, assuming the lyrics depict her leaving him. On March 31, , Nicks gave an interview to Entertainment Weekly discussing the inspiration for the song:.

Review: Fleetwood Mac flops without Lindsey Buckingham

In the old days, before Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey [Buckingham] and I had no money, so we had a king-size mattress, but we just had it on the floor. I had old vintage coverlets on it, and even though we had no money it was still really pretty Just that and a lamp on the floor, and that was it—there was a certain calmness about it.

To this day, when I'm feeling cluttered, I will take my mattress off of my beautiful bed, wherever that may be, and put it outside my bedroom, with a table and a little lamp. She explained it was written sometime in , when the band had become "very famous, very fast," and it was a song that brought her back to an earlier time, to an apartment in San Francisco where she had taken the mattress off her bed and put it on the floor.

To contextualize, she voiced the lyrics: "So I'm back, to the velvet underground. Back to the floor, that I love. To a room with some lace and paper flowers. Back to the gypsy that I was. It was this little hole in the wall, amazing, beautiful stuff—'back to the floor that I love, to a room with some lace and paper flowers, back to the gypsy that I was. The second subject of this song is the message as a tribute to someone's passing.

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Snyder, who had theatrical interests, became Nicks' speech therapist. According to Carol Ann Harris' book, "Storms", Snyder could calm her down within just a fraction of a second. The night before her "Bella Donna" was released, Nicks received a terrifying call from Snyder saying she had leukemia, and the doctors thought she could only last three months. Even more horrifying to Nicks was the news that Snyder had gotten pregnant, as to leave her husband, Kim Anderson, with something after she left. If she aborted the child, she could've possibly lived for another year.

However, the baby was born three months-premature , and Snyder died three days later. Nicks was on tour. He felt the same way, and out of grief, as well as the duty to give the baby named Matthew a good home, the two married. Three months later, Nicks filed for divorce, after she "received a sign" from Snyder telling her to get out of there. Nicks has stated that she has put Matthew through college and told him about what had happened many times. As Snyder was dying, Nicks dedicated "Gypsy" to her.

Nicks found it extremely difficult to sing the song in concert. The video for this song, directed by Russell Mulcahy , was the highest-budget music video ever produced at the time.

Go Your Own Way

It used several locations including a highly detailed portrayal of a forest and required many costumes and dancers. Interpersonal difficulties among the band members complicated the shoot, much as they had with the earlier video for " Hold Me ". When he was pairing them during blocking , Mulcahy recalls, "people were pulling me aside saying, 'No, no. Those two were fucking and then they split up and now he's sleeping with her. Stevie Nicks especially remembers the experience as unpleasant.

Two weeks beforehand, she had gone into rehabilitation to attempt to end her cocaine addiction. However, the video shoot could not be rescheduled, and she had to take a break for it. The version of the song featured on the original vinyl release of Tusk was the unedited version, but when Tusk was originally released as a single compact disc in it featured the edited version which leaves out the middle verse and musical bridge.

It was not until the Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits compilation was released that the version of the song became available on compact disc. There is also a version known as "the cleaning lady" edit, so-called as Nicks is heard at the beginning of the demo recording, "I don't want to be a cleaning lady!


It contains an extended vamp , which includes excised lines previously only heard in live performances, such as, "and the wind became crazy," "no sorrow for sorrow, you can have no more," and "swallow all your pride, don't you ever change—never change. On November 5, , a live version was released as part of a remastered Tusk. This recording features a heavier hitting drum beat from Fleetwood. In , the year after the song was released, Nicks was sued for plagiarism by a songwriter who had submitted a song called "Sara", which she had sent to Warner Bros.

Nicks defended the lawsuit by proving that she had written and recorded a demo version of the song in July , before the lyrics were sent to Warner. The case was dropped and the complainant accepted that no plagiarism had occurred.

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