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Kavika October 28, I previously had a Dell XPS 15 i7 laptop. I had no issues at all with audio or SeratoDJ, just video scaling issues. I purchased a brand new MBP 2. I suspected a USB issue with the mac.

Need Serato DJ for MAC? PM me (y)

The issue still occurred. I was originally using the 2. I also tried my friends same MBP but the 2. I decided to go to Serato DJ 1. It took about 4. No dropout lights. The latency will get "change" to ms.

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Works fine on PC, except video. I have submitted multiple tickets to Serato but I just go in circles with them. Have you tried another USB cable? I already told you yes. The also disabled posting to their forum. Any ideas?

Serato dj 1.5.1 update

Link Short URL. Chris D Employee October 28, Hello D. Kavika, I'd like to help. Thanks for posting. I appreciate the informative post. If your on Mavericks, you should use driver version 3. Next, let's try this.

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See the steps below. Reconnect your Numark Controller. Open Serato DJ. Click Setup from the top menu. Adjust the Display slider to 20 or The touch modes are explained further in detail below. The pads have different functions on each Deck depending on the current Pad Mode. These pads are the same pads used with Akai Professional MPCs, so they are velocity-sensitive in certain modes only , durable, and easy to play. In this section, when referring to specific pads, it will refer to the numbers as shown in the diagram below the mode. Use the Parameter buttons to increase or decrease values for various functions in each Pad Mode.

When the button is unlit, the first press will always select the first bank.

Denon DJ tweaks its Engine and releases version 1.5

You can use Pad 7 to activate or deactivate the loop. The Slices are represented by the light moving through the pads as it progresses through each eight-Slice phrase. Press a pad to play that Slice—hold it down if you want to keep looping it.

When you release the pad, the track will resume normal playback from where it would have been if you had never pressed it i. Secondary functions are marked in red on the NS7II. Below is a list of parts that are user replaceable. This means you can change or replace these parts yourself at home without sending your unit in for service. Changing the parts below will also not affect your manufactures warranty.

Click here to connect with the Numark Parts department. Many music retailers offer trade-in programs where you can use your trade-in value and apply it to a new product.

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Serato DJ works with a wide variety of Numark controllers. Two banks per channel, 3 effects per bank, 6 effects simultaneously on any channel. You can also purchase additional effect packs within the software. You can purchase the CP-Pro crossfader from many online retailers. You can also order this part directly through Numark.