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In other words, it's a total reimagining of the property, using a couple of similar characters and ideas, but otherwise being entirely new. Fans of the franchise are a mix of excited and nostalgic, and that means they're very curious, too. Unfortunately for the curious, there are quite a few important bits of info surrounding the game that haven't been revealed or are difficult to find. And with only a short time before the full release of one of the most hyped-up Call of Duty games of all time, that's a big deal.

How are we supposed to know if there will be a zombies mode? What about a battle royale?

Update pack for Call of Duty 4 on Mac

There's a lot of information to follow up on, and not everyone has time to dig for all of it. This is the most popular Modern Warfare question out there right now, by a country mile. And fortunately, developers at Infinity Ward revealed it months ago, so there's no red tape to worry about. This question is a little more complicated, because there are a few answers. Firstly, as far as computers go, you can only run the game on Windows PCs, so even if you have the most expensive Mac money can buy, Apple just isn't going to work.

And if you're asking if your Windows PC can run the game specifically, the answer is "maybe. That's the bare minimum, and with it, you'll be able to run the game at its lowest settings.

If you want to run the game at medium-to-high settings, though, that's a different answer. Here are the official recommended hardware specs for Modern Warfare. Simply put: Not yet. There have been plenty of leaks and faulty reports made from online publications and personalities, but the simple truth, at least right now, is that Infinity Ward hasn't revealed a battle royale mode for the game.

They've allowed us gamers to go on without Favela for years now.. Your quickest solution is to use Apple's bootcamp software to install Windows on your Mac.

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Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 18 Jun, pm. Posts: Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. Following a US convoy down the dusty streets of fictional Urzikstan, we scan what's left of the desolate buildings on either side of us for the slightest bit of movement. We're heading towards a hospital to capture terrorist Al-Qatala leader 'The Wolf,' fresh after an attack on London's Piccadilly Circus. It seems like a pretty straightforward Call of Duty level: get down the street, inevitably meet some terrorist snipers on the buildings we're watching, have a big ol' firefight and continue on to victory.

Then an IED goes off. Below our feet. Killing several members of the convoy. Taking us completely by surprise. We were watching the roofs. They usually attack from the roofs. It's this which epitomizes Modern Warfare, a shake-up in formula that is far too real and leaves you feeling a bit more than uncomfortable.

Tips to Perfectly Uninstall Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on Mac OS X

My father survived an IED in Baghdad - and this in-game moment hitting out of nowhere was a shock, for better or worse. But there's also the question: does Infinity Ward have the right to capture that moment, put it in their game and monetize it? Which is the big draw for the Modern Warfare reboot: it's incredibly provocative.

Before you ever lay hands on the game, you'll hear about specific levels which may have gone too far or how it has ripped its missions "straight out of the headlines".

Take, for example, the already notorious 'Clean House' mission which sees you raiding a Camden town house in London, following the aforementioned terrorist attack on Piccadilly Circus, killing the plain clothes residents and even encountering a mother cradling her baby. However, while the controversy of Modern Warfare is an important aspect, it is not the be-all and end-all. This review will examine the controversial parts of Modern Warfare alongside the aspects we look at in every game review.

We questioned whether to do this or not, but at the end of the day it's a question of what Infinity Ward marketed Modern Warfare as, and what it has delivered. In some cases those two things don't match up and, in that case, it's not a political issue but one of whether consumers will get what they paid for. Here at TechRadar, that's what matters: you.

About the game

We will not be questioning whether Modern Warfare has gone too far, what we will lay out is everything we think will actually be important to you before you consider buying this title - regardless of politics or personal feelings. Let's start with the general premise of Modern Warfare's campaign. While Alex is embedded with rebels in the fictionalized country - battling against the Russian forces who have occupied it - Garrick begins by dealing with the conflict's impact on London, in the form of a terrorist attack, before branching further afield. We're trying not to spoil too much.

Yeah, there's quite a bit of pro western propaganda in Modern Warfare and even an instance where history has been rewritten to make the US look better. In a mission titled 'Highway of Death', you are told how the Russians bombed this vital road during the invasion and killed those trying to escape. It's a clear reference to the real Highway of Death incident of which, in reality, the US military slaughtered Iraqi forces who were retreating - but told from a completely different perspective.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Your questions, answered

Herein lies the conundrum of the game, it's very clearly political and yet both Activision and the game's developer say that it's apolitical. This is blatantly disingenuous and, at worst, a clear re-writing what is tantamount to a war crime for the sake of storytelling. Either way, it's impossible to overlook and will ultimately color how you feel about the world and the tragic, multifaceted events that are now being purposely, profoundly obfuscated.

And we're not the only ones who feel that way: The anti-Russian propaganda is so over-the-top, in fact, that the PlayStation Store in Russia isn't selling the title and prominent Russian streamers have quit the game over its depictions of some events. However, despite these clear issues, it is difficult to deny that Modern Warfare is more relatable than other CoD games. Whether that's a good or bad thing will really depend on your own personal experience, but the missions and scenarios portrayed are certainly more familiar than fighting Nazis in World War II - even if they can be hard to swallow.

There's one instance when you're trying to fend off Russian reinforcements in a base and the game cuts to you playing as one of the US air reinforcements. You fly over the base, and using thermal imaging, identify and gun down dozens of Russians. But through this view they are seen only as white moving objects. It feels like the point Infinity Ward is trying to make is that this is how the military view the enemy in that scenario but its a dangerous broad stroke.

It's also unsettlingly familiar, as we recall the news footage of attacks in Syria showing similar scenarios.