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  1. [Solved] How to Fix “Microsoft Excel Quit Unexpectedly Mac” Error for Excel 2016 and 2011?
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[Solved] How to Fix “Microsoft Excel Quit Unexpectedly Mac” Error for Excel 2016 and 2011?

Excel issues. Fixes or workarounds for recent issues in Excel for Mac. Excel for Mac Excel for Mac More March 6, ISSUE When you click a hyperlink to open a file or folder, it may not open a Finder window to show the folder or it may not open the linked file. Get support. Expand your Office skills. Was this information helpful? Remove Excel Preferences Method 5: Create a new User Account Method 6: Save the file in safe mode Method 1: Check the Hard Disk Drive name Make sure the hard disc drive icon has a name.

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The name can contain numbers as long as it starts with text characters. The name should not contain: All numbers Special characters such as periods. Method 2: For example, if you save a file to the desktop all the characters that are contained in this file path will be included: You should first try to save the file to a different location on your local hard disc drive, such as the Desktop or Documents folder. If you cannot save the file to a local hard disc drive location, go to method 3.

If you can save the file locally but you cannot save it to an external device, contact the manufacturer of the external device or Apple. Method 3: Quit all applications.

How to fix Microsoft Office 2013/2016 for Mac has encountered a problem and need to close.

On the File menu, click New Folder. A new folder is created on the desktop.

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The folder will be called "New Folder. Open Library. Open Application Support , and then open Microsoft. Open Office AutoRecovery.

Microsoft Excel for Mac Versus Excel for Mac - Excel Consultant

On the Edit menu, click Select All. Drag all files into "New Folder" on the desktop. The AutoRecovery folder should be empty.

Excel for Mac features and add-ins issues

Open Excel for Mac and try to save a file. If you can save a file, review the contents of "New Folder" to decide which files that you want to keep. If the problem continues to occur, go to the next method. To empty the AutoRecovery folder, follow these steps if you do not have Service Pack 2 installed: Method 4: Remove Excel Preferences Warning Removing preferences will delete any customizations that were made.

These customizations include changes to toolbars, custom dictionaries, and keyboard shortcuts that were created.

Fixes for Excel 2016 for Mac

On the Go menu, click Home. Open Preferences , and then drag the following file to the desktop: Here, we will discuss several solutions that will help you to fix Microsoft excel quit unexpectedly Mac.

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  7. You can easily solve this error without the need of any professional experience and help you to access your document without losing data. All the solutions discussed under this blog are resourced by Microsoft officials. Go with the solutions depending on the version of your Microsoft Excel for Mac.

    Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Then click on the Force Quit. First you have to close all the Microsoft Office programs. Step 4: After opening this folder, search for the Com. Step 5: Now, you have to erase this file by dragging it to the trash. Deletion of Com.